– EST. 2000, North Attleboro, Ma. –

NorthWorks Restaurant is Closed for Service as of Sunday, June 27, 2021.

I am extremely fortunate to have been blessed with the past 21 years, serving North Attleboro.  I will deeply miss my staff, the downtown area, and very fantastic customers! 

Unfortunately, at this time, I need to put my energy into my health and to my boys' futures.  Closing NorthWorks was not a decision I made lightly or quickly.  We all know at this point that I am very Italian -- and tend to be passionate with my views and actions 😄.  This time, I am using my head instead of thinking with my heart --- and making the smartest move I can.

The tears are streaming as I write this, I very much wish all my customers and staff peace and prosperity.


38 South Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA 02760  

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